Management Consultancy  
Innovation and Opportunity  
Every business is different but, in one way, all companies are the same - they all ask themselves the same question, “How can we get better at what we do?”  
Management consultancy is becoming increasingly important in assisting organisations to handle the challenges of innovation and change. The nature of our industry, whether mobilising a new contract or bidding for new opportunities, means that there is a real need to embrace these changes and drive innovation.  
Well Maintained Highways, for example, contains 119 separate recommendations for Highway Authorities to follow. These include recommendations to develop a number of corporate policies, strategies and operational regimes, many of these focusing on the management of risks and liability for claims.  
Wilson Pym May can create value for organisations through the application of our operational techniques and can improve performance through the implementation of our first class business and management solutions.  
We can assist with the development and implementation of policies and procedures to meet operational requirements as well as develop management plans and operating regimes.  
We provide specialist advice on the selection and implementation of new computerised highways data management solutions.  
We have provided specialist support on several successful bids for PFI, TMC, MAC and DBFO type contracts.  
Our services also include: mobilisation support, innovations development, change and risk management, and staff training.