Value Management 
Best Value Management 
The implementation and management of pavement surveys and highway inspections are vital tool kit components for Highway Authority decision making. 
Local Authority spending is increasingly subject to both public and central scrutiny, and the ability to demonstrate prudent use of public finances is therefore of growing importance. 
Why Value Manage? 
Value management is the method by which Authorities can demonstrate the engineering need to carry out works, and that any proposed solution is the most cost effective, thereby demonstrating value for money. 
For local authorities, a formalised approach to value management may be a more recent concept however it will play an important role going forward. 
In the Framework for Highway Asset Management, value management is part of the decision making process and the need for robust value management is further reinforced in "Well-maintained Highways": 
Value Management should be applied to highway maintenance schemes in order to balance priorities and improve value for money. In particular it can be used to add value to LTP priorities. 
Recommendation R12.3 
Well-maintained Highways 
Value Management
At Wilson Pym May, we have developed innovative techniques for combining conventional survey data sources (such as Deflectograph, TRACS or SCANNER surveys, skid resistance surveys and RMMS defects) with site "stress factors" (such as traffic and accident data) to identify and prioritise maintenance needs. 
By using these techniques better business decisions may be achieved by providing decision makers with a sound basis for their financial support. Priority is given to schemes based upon real need rather than perceived need.