Welcome to our new GeoVideo website. 
We have designed and developed GeoVideo to aid those involved in the highways industry and open up endless video survey possibilities. 
GeoVideo is a unique GPS video recording solution giving you the opportunity to carry out your own video surveys on demand. You can capture video data from any highway network which is time, date and position stamped.  
What makes it different is that you are in complete control and you can capture video whenever you need it in a simple user interface. 
The Benefits 
There are many benefits to GeoVideo, these include: 
Conducting your own video surveys on demand 
Save money and time  
Simple and easy to use 
Improves health and safet
Reduce environmental impacts 
Improve communication 
Still images for reports 
Easy to transfer between vehicles 
Reduction of site visits 
At Wilson Pym May we ensure that your GeoVideo kit consists of top quality components. We also provide a support and after-care service to ensure that you are happy with your product.  
GeoVideo Kit
GeoVideo can be used to: 
Audit safety inspections 
Validate assets and condition 
Create effective presentations 
Improve health and safety  
To find out more about GeoVideo, its uses and benefits please use the links on the left menu where you can also download a free GeoVideo brochure