Software Updates 
We are always updating our software to include new features and improvements to ensure our customers receive an up-to-date and innovative piece of technology. This page lists all of the latest additions to the GeoVideo software. 
Spatial Bookmarking 
This allows the user to 'bookmark' specific points whilst the video is being recorded. The buttons on the encoder can be pre-programmed to give the customer full flexibility with the ability to give different tasks their own icons and names allowing quick recording of points along the route. The picture to the right demonstrates how the encoder looks whilst using spatial bookmarking. The number of buttons available can also be increased and decreased allowing the user to design spatial bookmarking around their own needs.  
Other recent software updates include: 
Fast Decoder - decodes recorded videos at a faster rate 
Optimsed cross-hair drawing with a choice of cross-hairs 
Zoom buttons replacing scale selection 
Spatial Bookmarking - Encoder
Spatial Bookmarking - Encoder