GeoVideo kits are designed around the user to be as easy to use as possible. We have selected top quality components to provide the ultimate GPS video recording solution for any highways network. 
GeoVideo arrives tested and ready to use out of the box allowing you to start using it immediately.  
The GeoVideo Kit 
Garmin GPS 
A 12 channel GPS receiver which can obtain a positional accuracy of <3 metres, 95% typical. It is extremely reliable, waterproof and compact, comes with a built in magnetic mount and either a PC or USB connection.  
Panasonic Toughbook 
A reliable, durable and lightweight piece of equipment which transforms from a high-performance notebook to a portable tablet PC with a revolutionary LCD screen. The Toughbook has many striking features including; optimised display quality with low reflection, scratch resistant case, double waterproof structure, HDD-heater which counters adverse temperatures and shock-absorbing damper protecting the hard-drive. It also has a high-power, energy efficient battery allowing for a continuous runtime of up to 9 hours.  
Video Camera 
A high definition video camera with an 80GB hard drive provides suburb picture quality so that precise detail can be gathered from the data. The recorded data can easily be transferred to an office-based computer with standard USB connections.  
The video camera also has advanced settings such as image stabilisation to eliminate blurring and increase the sharpness of the images.  
Panasonic Toughbook
Garmin GPS
High Definition Video Camera
The image gallery above shows all of the components included in the GeoVideo kit*.  
Further details are given in the GeoVideo brochure which can be downloaded from here. 
*Components correct at time of print. Wilson Pym May Limited reserve the right to change the products for similar items of equivalent or higher specification.