GeoVideo has so many uses, and there are many benefits from being able to carry out your own video surveys on demand. You have total control and flexibility giving you limitless possibilities.  
Uses and Benefits 
Audit of safety inspections 
GeoVideo can be used to confirm precisely which sections of highway have been inspected and verify the condition at the time of inspection. It can also provide vital evidence in a highways authorities defence to help protect them against claims. With the cost to insurers increasing annually it is easy to see how quickly GeoVideo would pay for itself.  
Validation of assets/condition 
GeoVideo can be used to validate asset records or condition data where these can be plotted into a GIS alongside the video. 
If the cost of procuring video data from a third party is around £10/km, a complete survey of a 500km network will reach costs of £5,000. If you require monthly safety inspections annual costs would reach £60,000. With these figures, GeoVideo can become cost effective after a few surveys and could produce cost savings of up to 75% within a year.  
High-Impact Presentations 
Engineers often need to provide information through presentations to a wide range of audiences in order to justify or explain spending on maintenance or improvement schemes. Video is a clear and effective way to get messages across and can be used in several ways, for example 'before and after' shots or displaying the drivers view of a road.  
Screenshot of GeoVideo decoder
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Collaboration and reference tool  
Video is a useful tool to facilitate collaborative working. An engineer will be able to use the video as reference in discussions, virtually revisit the site and improve the communication between client and contractor - leading to better decision making.  
Health, Safety and the Environment  
Video data reduces the need for repeated site visits – thus reducing travel time, costs, environmental impact and improving safety through reducing the time the engineer is exposed to the live traffic environment.  
These are just a few of the possible applications of GeoVideo in the highways industry. However, the flexibility of the software and the ability to carry out video surveys as and when you require leads to limitless possibilities.