What is GeoVideo? 
GeoVideo is a complete GPS video recording solution which allows you to collect high quality video and location information across your network. It is cost effective, giving you the ability to carry out video surveys on demand. 
Information is captured simultaneously from a GPS receiver and video camera, combining the data through a simple encoding process which links the video frames with the position. The video data can then be imported into a Geographical Information System (GIS) and will then sit alongside any other layer the user requires.  
The design of the GeoVideo kit means that it is quick and easy to transfer between vehicles and the easy to use software and interface means that anyone can utilise it. The recorded data can quickly sync with your PC with just a few clicks.  
GeoVideo set-up
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What makes GeoVideo different is that you are in complete control and you can capture video whenever you need it in a simple user interface that is guaranteed to work out of the box. 
You can read more about GeoVideo in our brochure. Please click here to download a copy.