Highway Inspection 
Once the quantity of the asset has been established through inventory collection a maintenance strategy is determined by first establishing a regime of inspections. 
By setting a frequency of inspection with regard to the road network hierarchy, associated condition factors can be risk assessed. This allows programmes for maintenance to be developed and forms part of an authority's Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP). 
Inspection type and frequency should be an integral part of an authority's network maintenance policy and address the core objectives of: 
Safety; the compliance with statutory obligations and whether the network condition is meeting the users' need for safety. 
Serviceability; network reliability, availability and integrity and the ability of the network to meet the needs of users 
Sustainability; formulating procedures which minimise cost over time and maximise the contribution to the community.  
Highway Inspection
Wilson Pym May have extensive experience in the data collection, management and training of highway inspections. 
We can undertake highway inspections including visual surveys compliant with ukPMS and HAPMS guidance using off the shelf or bespoke software packages, presenting the data in a format compatible with any system on the market. 
We can also provide guidance on establishing survey policy within an authority and advice on how to make the most of the information collected.