Highway Inventory 
An accurate and detailed inventory of all publicly maintained items within the highway boundary forms the basis for valuation of the asset. 
As far back as 1986 the Audit Commission recommended that a proportion of the maintenance budget should be invested in establishing and maintaining a highway inventory record. 
Whilst initial highway inventory data collection established a baseline of items, upkeep of the asset information has been much more variable. 
With the recent publication of "Well-Maintained Highways" the importance of a highway inventory as the foundation of any Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP) has become re-established. 
It is therefore important to have a data collection strategy that ensures the appropriate highway inventory data for the network is captured.  
Highway Inventory
Wilson Pym May have been specifying, collecting, validating and analysing highway-related inventory data for over 20 years. 
Recent example projects include; 
GAP analysis to determine current status and accuracy of the dataset. 
Migration of data from one management system to another. 
Collection of spatially enabled inventory data. 
Video imagery and frame tagging 
Validation of existing information during tender and mobilisation periods. 
Bespoke software and training for data collection.