Pavement Engineering  
The subject of Pavement Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines with each deserving of career specialism areas in their own right. Wilson Pym May's pavement team have extensive operational and maintenance experience on both designed and evolved roads.  
With a unique skill mix that includes condition survey interpretation and assessment, pavement management systems selection, implementation and operation, pavement materials selection / design and asset value management we are best placed to deliver innovative, practical solutions within the increasing demands on the need of both network operational safety and availability.  
With pavement maintenance an important consideration even at the design stage, it is a requirement that scheme development considers future network management through the entire pavement life cycle with this in mind we have provided consultancy and support in the development of Network Condition Indices and whole life costing for a number of major clients.  
Our Pavement Engineering skills include:  
Detailed pavement investigation, evaluation and rehabilitation design 
Visual (walked or vehicle) surveys  
Ground penetrating radar surveys including non-destructive crack detection  
Commission, management and specification of pavement condition surveys  
Analysis and interpretation of pavement condition data  
Development of maintenance regime profiles  
Network maintenance modelling and rating  
Pavement Management Systems (PMS) implementation and operation  
Scheme value management  
Training in survey techniques and data interpretation 
We have advised on and developed network condition indices as part of our involvement with PFI tendering processes and network management contracts.  
We can provide pavement life cycle modeling knowledge enabling clients to make longer-term investment decisions.  
We have over ten years’ practical experience of the value management techniques employed by the Highways Agency. 
We have been directly involved in the successful value management of over £50M worth of schemes through the Maintenance Assessment process.  
We have successfully secured funds for local authorities through the Local Transport Plan processes.