Pavement Investigations  
The collection and assessment of pavement condition survey data and highway inspections are vital when it comes to delivering a best value approach to highway network management. They are essential for providing Best Value Performance Indicator information and are invaluable when it comes to delivering and monitoring levels of service and managing risk under an asset management approach.  
As part of our comprehensive pavement investigation capability Wilson Pym May operate a qualified pavement team to manage and conduct highway assessments on all road classes, for example: 
Utility Service Location  
Skidding Resistance 
Video Surveys  
The team at Wilson Pym May are able to supply a range of services to help customers make the most effective use of their technical and pavement condition data as well as provide advice on best practice for collection strategies and data analysis.  
Wilson Pym May offer an experienced insight into developing practical applications for existing pavement condition data - sometimes it is not just enough to know where a failure has occurred but why and how best to treat it.  
We have considerable strength and expertise in data collection and integration using the latest pavement technologies.  
We are able to quantify, assess and analyse data from all commonly used machine or walked pavement condition surveys to strengthen your scheme designs, funding proposals or value management requirements.  
Wilson Pym May are leading the industry with our bespoke Skidding Resistance Site Investigations currently in use on both Local Authority and Highways Agency area networks