Skidding Resistance 
One of the hottest topics in the field of highways maintenance today is the issue of skidding resistance. 
The skid resistant performance of road surfaces varies due to the age, type and condition of the aggregate and/or binder present. Skid resistance is measured in a number of ways (SCRIM/Griptester etc) however a site visit is required to validate the reasons for the observed low recorded values. 
Generally, as the wet skid resistance of a road surface falls the likelihood of accidents increases and pressure on highway authorities is mounting from many sides: 
The Government has set challenging targets for accident reduction measured by BVPIs. 
Authorities are facing increasing numbers and value of liability claims. 
The public are becoming more aware of the issue. This has been reflected through national TV coverage and a number of recent high profile incidents. 
In response, the qualified pavement team at Wilson Pym May have developed innovative solutions for the assessment of accident and low skid resistance sites. 
These solutions make the most of modern, map-based technologies to draw together all relevant information required to make the best decisions both in terms of scheme prioritisation and best value treatment options. 
Skidding Resistance
Are you controlling the slide? 
Our complementary GPS-based site data collection system ensures a consistent approach to assessment and the time required to inspect each site is reduced - thereby decreasing exposure to risk for survey staff. 
By standardising the approach, considering all the published best practice advice from HD28/04 and subsequent interim advice as well as CSS guidance from local authorities, this skid resistance investigation methodology has been successfully applied to numerous local authorities’ road networks and the national strategic roads under the stewardship of the Highways Agency. 
With considerable pavement engineering experience we are able to cover all areas relating to skidding resistance from risk and survey assessment through to implementation of skid policy and expert witness in court.