Utility Location
Utility Location 
What's beneath your feet? 
If you're not sure then Wilson Pym May can help you locate underground services and features to support risk management planning. Even when following the NRSWA 91 procedures the C2 returns are often of poor quality, difficult to interpret and lack sufficient detail. During the design stage of major maintenance projects the requirements for minimising risk during excavation is clear. As the HSE guidance document HSG47 states, there is good practical advice to avoid danger from underground services. 
Using sophisticated Radio-detection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment we are able to detect and locate Water and Gas Mains, Foul and Storm Water drainage, Electricity cables, Telecom Fibre Optics routes together with any underground features such as Cellars or other voids. 
Additionally, with the GPS location of manholes, ironwork and associated chambers we collect user definable attributes using our own in-house software to give a comprehensive report of the underground service infrastructure. 
Radio-detection systems such as the RD400 identify fluctuations in the electro-magnetic responses from signals applied by direct contact or induction methods. Consisting of a separate hand held receiver and transmitter unit, often termed "CAT & Genny", the system is employed to determine the horizontal position of buried utility services. 
The Ground Penetrating Radar consists of a radio antenna that is pulled along the surface of the site which transmits radar pulses and records the subsequent reflections from objects and discontinuities within the road pavement construction. 
By traversing the site using multiple transects a view is built up of the objects found below ground and by interpreting the data collected, the location and depth of utility services can be provided. 
Combining the GPR data with result of the Radio-detection traces provides the most accurate methods for determining utility layouts. 
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Wilson Pym May are licenced GPR operators. 
Ofcom Licence Number: GPR0086