Video Surveys 
Is your digital mapping looking a bit, well.., flat? 
Enhance the power of your data visualisation by controlling video survey footage on your desktop GIS. A Geo-referenced video survey provides an overall picture that is clearer and more complete than maps alone. 
Wilson Pym May have developed a ground breaking application that enables moving video imagery to be accessed and viewed through your corporate GIS. 
Video Surveys
In a GIS environment, the appearance and understanding of real world assets becomes more relevant than ever before. 
Combining location information with a video survey provides a visual record of assets together with location, time and date. 
We provide the functionality through the use of intuitive tools to seamlessly overlay, select, view and track GPS referenced video survey files whilst at the same time viewing any dataset you currently hold in your GIS. 
This has great value when discussing cross-cutting issues with colleagues and aids the sharing of information across the organisation. 
Wilson Pym May use High Definition cameras to capture video imagery to your specification, the results of which can be an important audit of the changing nature of your asset infrastructure. 
Areas where clients have found this approach to be useful include: 
a highway network familiarisation tool and identification of latent safety defects during contract mobilisation 
planning and visualising traffic management layouts 
an accurate network digitisation with accompanying video survey 

You can now carry out your own geo referenced video surveys using just your smartphone 

RouteShoot® is an innovative technology solution which allows you to capture video and routes using just your smartphone. 
Think of using YouTube, fully integrated with maps, to create your own personal version of Google Street View - and you start getting the idea. Add to that cloud-hosting for your data and the ability to share your video and route directly with friends or colleagues, or via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter - and that is essentially RouteShoot.  
To find out more about RouteShoot please view the video below or visit