GIS (Geographic Information Systems) are growing within the highways industry due to their flexibility and the importance of visualising data through the use of maps. Maps play an important part in the highways industry, due to their representational nature, allowing us to locate, analyse and interpret data as well as identify trends and patterns.  
Our expanding GIS department means that we are able to provide more GIS services for all areas within the Highways Maintenance Industry. We are always looking for new ways to use and apply GIS systems in the highways industry and help relieve some of the problems faced by those working within the industry today. This is supported by our new ESRI (UK) Business Partners status which helps us to continue developing first class GIS solutions.  
Our range of services, products and consultancy help and support those using GIS software or those who want to implement it into their business. We have worked with a range of clients including Local Authorities helping them to optimise the use of their current systems as well as helping to implement new systems.  
Our GIS services compliment many of the other services we offer, allowing us to provide an all round service to all of our clients. Please read our case studies, for more information and examples of the GIS services and solutions we offer.  
GIS - Geographic Information System
Wilson Pym May can help manipulate and analyse highways specific data including SCRIM through the use of GIS systems. 
We can help present data effectively and clearly for all purposes allowing spatial patterns, trends and relationships to be easily identified. 
We are involved with software development including online mapping and mobile working applications. 
Our GIS consultancy service offers help to those who want to implement or enhance their own GIS systems. 
We offer a digitising service for those who want to alleviate the issues associated with paper based systems.