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Information Technology  
Business Management  
Recent technological developments have resulted in the increased use of computers and the Internet both in business and at home. The choice of systems that can be used has never been greater and the demand to integrate across a business has never been higher. There is also a growing demand amongst the public to access many of these systems directly to log and track their own issues in real time.  
This means that we now not only have the tools but also the demand to use technology to effectively support the delivery of front line services.  
Systems Knowledge  
Whilst there may appear to be a bewildering amount of issues surrounding the implementation, interfacing and management of many of these systems, with our help many can easily be overcome. Our knowledge of major Highways Systems is second to none and we can draw on our wealth of experience as practitioners and system suppliers to help you achieve a first class IT solution.  
We understand the need for reliable, usable and secure IT systems is critical to the success of your organisation and our comprehensive set of services can help you realise your IT investments, improve performance, achieve integration objectives and avoid costly problems.  
Our service effectively bridges the gap between IT professionals and industry practitioners.  
It includes: defining information needs, gap analysis, interpretation and guidance for policies and standards, systems analysis, design and feasibility studies, implementations and evaluations, training and support.  
We use GIS technologies, now recognised within the industry as the key tool for data delivery and integration.  
We are able to provide comprehensive support to those organisations seeking to implement or enhance their own GIS.