Current Applications 
Our current clients have various uses for GeoMobile which have all proven to be very successful. Here you can read about two of the applications of the software. 
GeoDefects is a version of GeoMobile which allows inspectors to record and report defects whilst they are out completing their inspection routes. The application has been built around their defect risk matrix ensuring that there is a consistent approach to defect prioritisation between inspectors. This also removes the onus on the inspector to make the initial assessment of the risk. It also has built in e-mail alerts so when a category 1 defect is recorded and synchronised an e-mail is sent to a configurable list of people who can then begin the process of repairing the defect. 
The software also allows inspectors to mark routes as inspected and deals with any routes which do not contain any defects. The flexibility of the software also allows the client to keep the inspection network up to date as we can regularly import new routes which inspectors will then be able to see simply by syncing, removing the need to return to base. 
GeoDefects has many other features including: 
Inspector routing tool 
Manage defect nil returns 
Can operate in a network connected or disconnected environment 
Real time synchronisation of defect data to back office server 
Support for standard RMMS interface files to popular asset management systems 
Photo support 
Screenshot of the GeoDrainage
GeoDrainage is a version of GeoMobile which has been configured specifically for recording the location and condition of drainage assets. The database was constructed from the guidelines set out in HD 43/04 (The Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System for Highways) with some additions made as requested by the client. 
One of our clients has three different teams using GeoDrainage with each team having customised input forms. Each of these teams sync to the server when they have a connection and the three sets of data are then merged, ensuring that each team can see each others data. The software will also flag conflicts, where two teams may have modified one asset and alerts users so that data can be prioritised and ensure that teams do not simply overwrite each others data. 
GeoDrainage has allowed the client to increase their awareness of the location of their drainage assets allowing them to save money and time by effectively maintaining their drainage assets and even help to reduce flooding in certain areas. 
GeoDrainage has many other features including: 
Ability to add or update asset items with a simple user interface 
Record asset condition and survey dates 
History tools to view past conditions of assets 
Web applications for data viewing on other devices 
Regular data exports for use in other systems 
Spatial data which can be used in GIS systems