GeoMobile has so many uses, and there are many benefits from being able to carry out your own data collection on demand. You have total control and flexibility giving you limitless possibilities. 
Uses and Benefits 
Maintenance of inventory 
GeoMobile can be used to maintain your inventory or asset register, by locating your assets spatially and the ability to update existing assets conditions. This ensures that you know the location of all of the assets you own and their condition. You can also use our history tracking to view its previous conditions and any actions taken. All assets are located spatially ensuring that no time is wasted tracking down assets in the field. 
Real time syncing 
GeoMobile allows you to sync data to other field devices and the main database whilst in the field. This ensures that all workers have the most recent version of the data and that they do not have to return to base to download or check in data. Instant access to defects via the map-based server application facilitates faster and more efficient responses. 
Defect prioritisation 
Server-side managed risk based support built in to GeoMobile ensures that there is always a consistant approach to defect prioritisation between inspectors. This removes the onus on the inspector to make the initial assessment of risk. The real time sending of defects ensures that high priority defects can be loaded into an asset management system without having to wait until the end of the day or completion of the survey route. Together with e-mail alerts and our web mapping application, collaboration with works teams will be improved potentially reducing the time to make defects safe. 
Using GeoMobile
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Before and after surveys 
Often engineers need to record assets before and after work has been done, such as road markings. GeoMobile gives them the ability to record the location and type of asset before the work is carried out so that they can either be replaced when the work is completed or updated should it be required. The data can also be time and date stamped providing a clear indication of the location and types of asset at a specific date.