Welcome to our new GeoMobile website.  
We have designed and developed GeoMobile to aid those involved in asset management and inventory providing straight forward data collection. 
GeoMobile is a unique data collection solution giving you the opportunity to collect and record your own data on demand. GeoMobile is completely flexible with customised databases allowing the software to meet your needs. 
What makes it different is that you are in complete control and you can capture data whenever you need to with a simple user interface. 
The Benefits  
There are many benefits to GeoMobile, these include: 
Simple and easy to use 
Real time sending of data 
Ability to cache data and send when connected 
Optional risk based support for defect prioritisation 
Spatially located data 
Customisable input forms 
E-mail alerts for high priority assets 
Save money and time 
View field data from a desktop 
History tracking of assets 
Support for standard RMMS interface files 
Screenshot of the GeoMobile
GeoMobile can be used to: 
Collect assets such as drainage, street furniture or road markings 
Record and prioritise defects 
View the history of assets 
To find out more about GeoMobile, its uses and benefits please use the links at the top of the page where you can also contact us for more information.