Our GeoVideo solution has now been de-supported and has been superseded by our latest product, RouteShoot
RouteShoot is a smartphone solution for collecting geo-referenced video and brings you all of the benefits of GeoVideo plus many more. 
To find out more about RouteShoot, please visit our dedicated RouteShoot website
RouteShoot Benefits  
There are many benefits to RouteShoot, these include:  
Conducting your own video surveys on demand  
Save money and time  
Simple and easy to use  
Improves health and safety  
Reduce environmental impacts  
Improve communication  
Easy to transfer between vehicles  
Reduction of site visits  
Screenshot of the RouteShoot
RouteShoot Uses  
Video surveys 
Audit safety inspections  
Validate assets and condition 
Monitor traffic management  
Proof of work undertaken  
Before and after surveys 
Walk and build