RouteShoot is the latest innovation in video, routes and collaborative working. It is a combination of the RouteShoot smartphone application and a dedicated website, which allows users to share their routes with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. 
RouteShoot has been developed and designed to ensure that it is flexible and can be applied to almost any industry. Some of the uses for RouteShoot include: 
Video surveys 
Inventory collection and verification 
Proof of work undertaken 
Before and after surveys 
Walk and build 
Facilities management 
The combination of video and GPS provides the user with a powerful tool which records not only what they saw but exactly where they were. There is no need to buy or hire expensive equipment, the existing smartphone deployment within your organisation turns into a data capture solution available in everyone's pocket. 
There is nothing complicated about RouteShoot for the user, we do all of the work, putting together the video, GPS and attribute graphs, all you need to do is record and upload. Once you have uploaded, the video and GPS trace are stored on secure servers in the cloud so you do not have to keep the videos on your phone. Our cloud hosted solution is scaleable which ensures your data storage needs can always be met and the likelihood of service downtime is virtually eliminated. 
Further Information 
If you are interested in using RouteShoot for your business, or would like further information, please visit our RouteShoot website
Benefits of RouteShoot 
Utilise your current smartphone technology 
Deploy to your entire mobile workforce 
Undertake video surveys on demand 
Captures audio commentary (if required) 
Improve safety by reducing the time spent working in high risk environments 
Create permenant records for audits 
Upload from site to share data in near real-time 
Time and date stamped so you know exactly when events occur along your route 
Skip to specfic locations or events on playback 
View and post-process video data in the office, reducing the number of visits to a site 
Compare routes with others 
Share routes with staff, clients and customers, wherever they are in the world 
Secure video storage 
Complete control of your videos, deciding whether to share them or keep them private 
Dedicated company website or portal